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The Heart, Mind and Soul of Communism

by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz

In 1917, in a café in Geneva, Switzerland, an intensely ambitious and fanatical man sat writing furiously. He had written there for many years, in exile from his native land of Russia, living in the expectation of the great day of revolution when he would be called to the center of the world's stage. He was the acknowledged leader of a small Marxist sect, the Bolshevik section of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. To the majority of Marxists he was an extremist, unduly schismatic, tinged with anarchistic ideas, sincere but dangerous. He had, scattered throughout Russia and the prisons of the world, 40,000 followers, devoted to their leader, equally fanatical, and unreservedly dedicated to the ideas of revolution and world conquest. His name was Vladimir Ilich Lenin.

Suddenly, in February of 1917, the news burst upon the world of a great Russian upheaval. The Czar was dethroned, a parliament was established to guide the steps of a new-born republic, and the Social Revolutionary leader, Kerensky, was called to the helm. Lenin and his scattered followers hastened to the new center of revolution, Petrograd, since renamed Leningrad. Stalin returned from Siberian exile, Trotsky came from a Canadian concentration camp, and Lenin traveled by armored train across embattled Germany to his native land, leaving Geneva, the city of his exile. On arrival Lenin announced to the other nonbolshevik revolutionaries that he alone, supported by his bolshevik fragment, would conquer and rule the vast territories of Russia. They looked at him in amazement and said, "Farewell Lenin the Marxist; welcome Lenin the Anarchist." Zealously, scientifically, and ruthlessly he set to work to make his prediction come true. In April he renamed the Bolshevik section of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party the Communist Party of Russia. In October the Communists organized a second revolution, overwhelmed the new infant republic, and Lenin became dictator of all Russia.

There then came to pass the modern miracle of the world. An expansive program of conquest was initiated which has been successful beyond the wildest drams of avarice. History records no movement growing, conquering, consolidating, and expanding as Communism has unceasingly done since that time. The statistics are startling, even terrifying. In 1917 they had 40,000 followers; in 1966 they controlled more than one billion. The number of actual communists is over 43 million. To consummate their dream of world conquest they merely need to multiply the present population under their control by less than 3. Anyone who is not startled and profoundly alarmed by these figures is evidently free from the responsibilities of rational comprehension, satisfied to live a mere animal existence with no thought of the morrow.

How has this tremendous success been accomplished? What tremendous dynamic of power is concealed within the categories of Communism that has driven it forward as an irresistible whirlwind? How has it managed to captivate the mind and imagination of young and old, mobilize the intelligence, loyalty and capacity to sacrifice of those so captivated, discipline them and transform them into the mold of a Communist Cadre and then send them forth-limitless in enthusiasm, confident of victory, careless of personal death-to lay waste and conquer the earth?


Communism is a religion of promise. It has advanced across the world on the wings of a promise. The promise is two-fold in nature. One aspect of the Communist promise is very well known, but the other is almost unknown. One aspect appeals to the poor, the ignorant, and the underprivileged; the other aspect appeals to the wealthy, the intellectually superior, and the idealistic reformers.

To the poor of the earth-and they are legion-the servants of Communism go with this message: "Follow me, and I will build a new world for you and your children, a world from which hunger and cold have been forever banished; a world in which war and pestilence are mere historic memories; a world without exploitation of man by man; a world without racial animosity and discrimination; a world of peace and plenty; a world of culture and intellect; a world of brotherhood, liberty, and justice." Can you imagine the appeal of this promise to those millions living in the narrow no-man's land between malnutrition and starvation, never having had the comfortable sensation of retiring to bed after a full and satisfying meal in the knowledge that at least food and raiment for the days ahead are assured? Can you imagine the appeal of this promise to the millions who watch their children die in birth or during their first year, the victims of filth, starvation, and preventable disease carried by flies and mosquitoes? The force of this appeal is multiplied when the messenger is obviously sincere and is willing to leave his own home and the land of his birth, to forsake his family and loved ones to carry this message to these unfortunate poor. Identifying himself with their woes, he lives like them, eats their food, and daily risks his life to bring the message he bears to more and more who stand in dire need. Surely it does not require any great faculty of imagination to understand the tremendous appeal such a program must have in those dark lands of ignorance, illiteracy, hunger, and disease-the lands of the East. That aspect of the Communist promise is widely known and easily understood.

There is a second portion of the promise that is used, not to captivate the poor, but to seduce the rich; not to enlighten the ignorant, but to enlist the educated; not to bribe the cynical, but to ensnare the idealistic. Not only is there to be a new society created, but there is also to emerge a new and finer mankind. Human nature itself is to be transformed into something infinitely finer and more beautiful. Mankind is to be redeemed from vice, depravity, and sin in all its forms. The Methodist hymn well expresses this vision in the following words:

These things shall be; a mightier race
Than ere the world has seen shall rise
With light of knowledge in their eyes.

Evangelical Christians, above all others, should be able to understand the appeal of such a promise. They are dedicated to the redemption of man through the Gospel of the Grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ. How they rejoice when a wayward sinner finds his way in repentance and faith to the foot of the Cross of Calvary and rises a new man in Christ Jesus. What a rejoicing there was in Christian circles a few years back when in the Billy Graham campaign a prominent radio announcer and a minor gangster found Christ. The very temperature of the evangelical Christian climate was raised-hearts rejoiced, purses and pocketbooks opened, and many Christians received a new vision and made a new dedication of their lives to Christ.

Communism is not a program to cure one or two, but to cure all of the sins of the whole world. Its plan is not to reform one drunkard but to eliminate all drunkenness, all crime, all vice, and everything that spoils and mars what man should be. Surely the appeal of such a vison can be well understood. Often during the question time at the conclusion of an address, the following request is made: "Please explain the appeal Communism has to those who have nothing to gain and everything to lose by its success. I can understand its appeal to the poor and ignorant, but please explain to me how it appeals to millionaires, college professors, and ministers of religion. That I cannot understand." Surely this problem presents no difficulty when we see the promise of the creation of a new and redeemed mankind. What nobler vision could any man have? To this mighty task every capacity of body and mind should be dedicated-the task of creating a New Heaven and New Earth wherein the redeemed may dwell. Failure to comprehend this central truth is responsible for some of the most common misconceptions with regard to Communism. How often we used to hear it said, "Communism is all very well in theory, but it won't work because of the weakness of human nature." No Communist every proposed to establish the Communist society with present sinful nature. Before the social order of Communism can come to pass, the new and redeemed mankind must emerge from the ashes of the destroyed Capitalistic Civilization.


To promise is one thing; to fulfill is another. How do the communists propose to bring their promise to pass? By what means will they be enabled to work this incredible transformation? The Communists answer by one word: "SCIENCE."

During the last century a tremendous transformation has been wrought in the material world. How many of us would be willing to return to the condition of life enjoyed-pardon the word-by our great great grandparents of that era? Imagine what you would do when punished by a toothache-a visit to the barber who did his best with the assistance of a large pair of forceps and two or three strong helpers. The story of surgery of those days would turn the stomach of the strongest. It was a nightmare of agony, haste, ignorance, dirt, germs, suppuration, and death. It was a world without electricity and all it brings, without modern transportation, without central heating, refrigeration, trash disposal or even primitive sanitary facilities in populous areas. It was a world without baths, as bathing is a modern habit. It was a world of ignorance, pain, hardship, disease, and premature death. Every baby born had but half the life expectancy of those here today. What has wrought the change? The answer is one word, "SCIENCE."

Consider the world of agriculture, with the quality, variety, and abundance of food products, not to mention the world of beauty and flowers. A mere century or two ago the economist, Malthus, could mathematically prove that mankind would always be fighting famines by the very nature of things. Animal life, including humans, must always increase more rapidly than their food supply. Yet today the people of this country live in a land of abundance, veritably a paradise of profusion, enjoying food of the highest quality practically unrestricted. What has brought about this profusion of food products? Science, with its application of scientific principles of plant breeding, resulting in the development of species of plants suitable to the individual terrain and the climatic characteristics of the various regions of the country. A whole chapter could be devoted to the study of corn alone-the different varieties, its disease resistance, its special flavors for human consumption, its adaptability to the most specialized features of topical and climatic conditions of any area. Science has transformed the world of agriculture.

A very similar story could be told in the realm of animal husbandry. The domestication of animals; the selective breeding of the most productive strains of poultry, sheep, and cattle; the building of characteristics suitable for peculiar environments-all this has been so convincingly accomplished with great benefit to the human race. The Communists propose to use this same Science to transform human nature itself. The idea is provocative yet fascinating. How do they propose to apply scientific principles? Let us inquire further.

Science consists of a knowledge of the laws of nature and of an application of the forces of nature, within the framework of those laws, to accomplish a desired purpose. Science is dependent upon the laws of nature; it cannot act independently of them. Let us take the manufacture of steel as a scientific process. Steel cannot be made out of good intentions, by the mere application of industrious, well intentioned effort: it cannot be created from brotherly love. Steel is the end-product of a scientific sequence of steps. Firstly, the correct raw material must be secured-the coal and iron ore. Then these raw materials must be treated in the appropriate manner, associated together in the correct relationship of temperature and humidity. There is an inescapable sequence of scientific steps before the end product can mature. There can be no steel without the furnace; the heat of the furnace may be searing and terrible, but there is no escaping it. There is a sequence of steps involved in any scientific project, and none of these steps can be eluded because they are distasteful.

Communism acquired great prestige among the intellectuals by reason of its claim to be scientific. Its creators, Marx and Engels, grouped together all preceding socialists under the heading "utopian." They considered them unrealistic dreamers, unaware of the nature of social and economic laws and the steps necessary to produce a new Communist man. The most famous classical document of Communism is the pamphlet by Engels entitled "Socialism-Utopian and Scientific." It has been translated into more languages than the Communist Manifesto itself.

Scientific Marxism begins with three basic hypotheses to serve as the foundation for the scientific program. These may be classified as follows:

  1. Atheism
  2. Materialism
  3. Economic Determinism


Communism clearly enunciates, "There is no God." Karl Marx was an atheist before he was a Communist. Atheism was his first and last intellectual love. His earliest writings were attempts to prove that the German philosopher, Hegel, was an atheist. From the fiber and texture of his atheism he built his philosophy and program of Communism. His greatest disciple, Lenin, commences his pamphlet on religion with the words, "Atheism is a fundamental portion of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism." Communism without atheism is cancer without malignancy, a contradiction in terms. When Communism rejects God, it simultaneously rejects all supernatural moral law, all absolute criteria of truth and error. It abolishes heaven and hell and all absolute values associated with human life. Man is left in a battlefield where the laws are his own to make or break, where all codes of ethics and morality are relative, discretionary and subject to change. The criterion of moral value becomes objective success; the world becomes a pragmatist's dream.


Having disposed of the question of God, the next subject to be considered was the nature of man. Here Communism is equally specific: man is matter in motion and nothing more. The entire universe of which man is a part is entirely material. Thought is a quality of matter; matter thinks; the brain secretes thought as the liver secretes bile. The total life of mankind-thoughts, emotions, sentiments, culture and religion-are simply the product of the motion of his material constituents. Man is an animal and nothing more. In the dim past ages of antiquity, by some yet unknown materialistic process, a chemical aggregation of molecules took to itself the quality of being matter; a unicellular, proto-plasmic, primordial mass came into being and an evolutionary sequence of events commenced. Reproduction, differentiation, selection, mutation, and countless more materialist phenomena ensued and all life came into being. At the apex of the evolutionary tree there stands man, the first of the animals, yet an animal and no more. He has no spirit, nor yet any soul. As there is no God he obviously cannot have been made in the image of that which does not exist. There is no continuity associated with individual life; there is no heaven to gain or hell to shun. There is no special value associated with every individual life. Each human is an animal; the totality of the individuals comprise the human race; the future of the race is significant, that of the individuals is insignificant. The race of mankind can be scientifically improved by recourse to the normal laws and techniques of animal husbandry.


The human individual possesses certain characteristics of social and individual life, certain patterns of thought and emotional life. How is the personality and character of each individual derive? What determines what each animal shall think? What emotions shall accompany such thoughts? What shall be the pattern of moral, social, and religious behavior that emerges? It is at this point that Marx makes his greatest contribution to human thought, so we are told. This is the discovery which, according to his great co-worker, Frederick Engels, transformed economics from empiricism to science. In simple language here it is: The entire personality, including thoughts, emotions, religious experiences, family attitudes, sentiments, and artistry is derived from the prevailing mode of economic production. We are the captive creation of the Capitalistic System. It has ordained what we shall think, how we shall feel, and what we shall do in any given situation. The Communist Manifesto makes this lucidly plain. It specifically states that the family as we know it-the hallowed relationship of parent and child-is derived from the Capitalistic Economic System and that parental love will vanish with the vanishing of Capitalism. It goes further and specifically states that the concepts of freedom and justice are derivatives of the class struggle, and that when class struggle ceases the concepts will disappear. No one is individually responsible for his character or thought. As his class of social origin has determined, so he things, feels and acts. To change character and personality what is needed is a basic change in the economic system.

It follows logically that all undesirable human characteristics are derived from the prevailing economic system. Communists are realists. They affirm the depravity of human nature; everywhere men and women are lazy, ignorant, self-indulgent, patriotic, and religious-no one could build a Communistic social order from such poor raw material. The first essential is a radical program to purify and perfect mankind. This must be done in a scientific manner. The inescapable sequence of scientific steps is as follows, some of which will be further discussed in more or less detail:

  1. Destruction of the Capitalistic System, the root of all evil, by a violent revolution.
  2. Institution of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
  3. Liquidation of those classes of society incurably diseased by capitalism and considered dangerously infective.
  4. Segregation of those diseased but capable of useful work in conditions of isolation.
  5. Hospitalization of the diseased but curable in "corrective" labor camps.
  6. Re-education of the total population in new relationships of labor with the emphasis on labor rather than reward.
  7. The emergence of the young generation with characters uninfluenced by Capitalism and appropriate to a socialist environment.
  8. The perfection of human nature.
  9. The withering away of the State; the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
  10. The emergence of Communism.


This must be accomplished by a violent revolution. The Communists have always been perfectly frank on this subject. Beginning with the Communist Manifesto, which says, "We openly declare that our ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions," the identical sentiment has been repeated ad nauseam in all the writings of the Communist hierarchy and in official pronouncements of the Comintern and the Cominform. They categorically reject any suggestion that the transition from Capitalism to Socialism can be by the peaceful pathway of reform. One of the principal epithets of abuse in a somewhat extensive vocabulary is the word "reformist,' a term of ridicule and contempt. Scientific law has written that the change-over must be both revolutionary and violent. This is determined both from their philosophy of dialectical materialism and from a fake evaluation of the economic forces in society. To use a Marxian analogy: Force is the midwife to deliver the Socialist order from the womb of a decadent Capitalism. Originally the transition was to be the operation of spontaneous forces automatically produced by the progress of Capitalism. The maturing of the Capitalistic Society inevitably produced the Proletariat, the propertyless mass of industrial slaves who became the grave-diggers of Capitalism. However, a new twist came to the ideas when Bolshevism was born at the Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in 1903. Lenin, the founder of Bolshevism, and thus of Fascism, substituted the idea that the revolution was to result from the scientific planning and execution of the Party, which was the class-conscious vanguard of the Proletariat. He replaced the idea of spontaneity with the idea of a planned conspiracy. Every Party member became a disciplined conspirator dedicated to the goal of the overthrow of the government by force and violence. The action of the government in charging the leading members of the Party with conspiracy to violently destroy constitutional government is soundly based and an excellent demonstration of "government by law" within the framework of a democracy.

In 1917 the party of Lenin achieved the first success in its campaign for world conquest when it organized a violent revolution in Russia bringing it to absolute power. Beset as he was with incredible difficulties, Lenin nevertheless took the requisite time in 1920 to write a textbook to direct the Communist conspirators of the world in the technique of organizing the violent revolution to seize power in their own respective countries. The book is one of the Communist classics, a 'must" in reading for every recruit and is entitled Leftwing Communism-An Infantile Disorder. It is the blue print for the internal conquest of countries by Communism. It is one of the most cynical, yet Satanically clever, books ever written. Lenin shows how as true scientists, Communists must manipulate the forces in each country from behind the scenes and have millions unconsciously working for them. The key to the program is the word "Infiltration"-infiltration of governments, of churches, of sporting bodies, of social clubs; infiltration of institutions of any and every kind, but above all, infiltration of industrial labor unions. All of these named and implied organizations are to be so scientifically manipulated as to bring to pass a violent revolution. Suffice it for our present purposes to say that in 1949, in Australia a mere handful of Communists, just 7000 in a population of 8,000,000-less than 0.1% of our people following in detail the blue print of Lenin, came close to the conquest of the entire country without receiving one dollar or one man from outside to support them.


The old-fashioned Marxists reasoned thus; Capitalism is the root cause of all human sin; destroy the Capitalistic System and we will destroy sin. They believed that after the revolution they would be able to introduce a form of society in which men would be free and in which they would receive enough for every need. But into this honeymoon of optimism there came the grim voice of the scientific realist, Lenin. In effect he said: My dear friends, you have forgotten something very important. You are really a crowd of idealistic utopian dreamers. Certainly all human frailty, ignorance, and avarice are derived from the Capitalistic System. That is axiomatic. But you say that all we have to do to remove sin is to destroy the Capitalistic System. You try to go too quickly. When we have destroyed the root of all evil, the fruit remains in the characters of the many millions of the earth who are diseased and deformed. It is true that their diseased condition will vary in the different countries, but nevertheless mankind in general remains ignorant, illiterate, indolent, avaricious, class-conscious, patriotic, and religious. Before the true Communistic Society can be created, these disease characteristics. a hangover from Capitalism, must be eliminated. To do this, an intelligently applied scientific program, based on the established principles of animal husbandry, must be implemented. To do this, it is necessary to have a strong and intelligent power to carry out the program. In the progressive quality of its dialectic heart, history has appointed the Communist Party, the self-conscious. enlightened vanguard of the Proletariat, for this role. Therefore we must establish an absolute dictatorship for this party. We will call it the ''Dictatorship of the Proletariat."

Nearly all of the above paragraph is constituted of ideas and thoughts which Lenin expressed to his less-realistic Marxist friends. On page 43 of his book Problems of Leninism, published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House of Moscow, Stalin defines the term "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" as "The rules based on force and unrestricted by law, of the Proletariat over the Bourgeoisie." Put simply this means the rule, based on force and unrestricted by law, of the Communist Party over everyone else. Stalin's definition, as given above, is profoundly interesting. He, along with all other true Communists, rejects two cardinal principles of civilization. The first principle is ''The government of law." The power of the Communists is specifically to be unrestricted by law. The second principle is "Government by Consent." The power of the Communists is openly based on force. In this way do the Communists turn back the clock from civilization to barbarism.

Having established the dictatorship of the Communist Party it now becomes their duty to scientifically implement a program directed to the elimination of the residual Capitalist disease and the building of a new and redeemed race of Socialist men and women so that Communism may ultimately come to pass. The steps of this program will now be considered.


The problem has entered the familiar and well-trodden pathway of animal husbandry. The problem may be presented thus: The husbandman, the Communist Party, has transferred his herds from the diseased environment of Capitalism to the disease-free environment of Socialism. Unfortunately, the animals bring with them the disease contracted in their old environment. The dominant motive of the husbandman is to breed a new stock, entirely free from this disease. This cannot be done in a day. Obviously he will have to concentrate on the new generation for his finished product and utilize his present stock in the best possible manner to accomplish the necessary work of the new environment, without permitting them to transmit the disease to the young. The virility and infectiousness of the disease varies according to that portion of the old environment the animals inhabited. Certain environmental areas, i.e. certain classes of society, produce a more virulent and infectious disease. Obviously these animals must be eliminated for the well-being of the whole program. There is absolutely no element of reprisal or punishment in this liquidation; it is simply a necessary scientific procedure. The husbandman may presumably be very fond of certain diseased animals, but sentiment has no place in a scientific program; the animal must go. This is entirely logical within the framework of the Communist beliefs. Remember there is no God; man is pure animal there is no question of soul or spirit, of heaven or hell, to be considered. This is simply scientific human betterment on a mass scale. There is, in general, a complete misunderstanding as to the Communist attitude toward killing in a Socialist Society. I have been a known opponent of Communism for many years, having challenged Communists to debate on any platform in the world. How often friends have said to me, "If the Communists come to power you will be one of the first to be killed." I always pretend innocence and reply, "Is that so? Why?" I am then informed that the Communists will punish me because I have opposed them. I hasten to reply that this reveals a complete failure to understand the very mind of Communism. They do not punish or reward. These are Bourgeois ideas that have no place within a redeemed Communist mind. No enlightened Communist blames me for my opposition to Communism. I am merely the unfortunate victim of my economic environment. Unfortunately I am diseased, and thus a danger to the whole program of human betterment. So I must be liquidated, but no more so than all other members of my social class. Since all personality is derived from our social class, all members of a given class have actually or potentially the dangerous disease of character, and they must be eliminated. The treatment you are to receive should the Communists come to power is entirely unrelated to the attitude you have adopted to them in the past. Opposition begets no penalty, and support begets no reward. A Bourgeois class of origin begets liquidation.

Thus the mass-murder program of Communism is a logical and inescapable consequence of their basic beliefs It is science in action. So many have been deceived on this point. They attribute the bestiality and excesses of Communism to the national characteristics of certain races-to Russian imperialism, to Asiatic cruelty, to a Jewish conspiracy of revenge; to anything and everything except the real culprit--that system of ideas and beliefs known as Communism. The murder of millions in Russia was not the excess due to a barbaric past; the liquidation of millions proceeding a pace in China is not an example of Oriental cruelty. It is scientific Communism in action. Anglo-Saxon Communism will be just as scientifically ruthless, just as dehumanized as the Russian and Chinese varieties; it believes the same things, and it is as true today as ever, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."

A short while ago I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I became involved in argument with a group of Communists conducting a meeting in the main thoroughfare, Princess Street. In the midst of the argument one Communist asked me, "Well, what is freedom?" I replied, "You might define freedom as the right to live like an American, inhabit a comfortable and centrally heated home, drive your own automobile, own a refrigerator, a washing machine, a radio, a television set, eat all the food you desire, and have an argument like this without the police cutting your throat." He replied, "If I was a policeman, I would cut your throat." I said, "Do you really mean that?" He replied, "I certainly do." I called to the surrounding crowd, "Listen to this; here is a good object lesson." Another Communist intervened, "We've all got to die sometime. What does it matter if you die a little sooner instead of later?" They were not angry; they were not facetious; they were simply stating sound Communistic doctrine. Man is an animal. Individual life is insignificant. In the great and noble task of redeeming mankind why worry over a few early deaths by the way.

Thus we see the consistent logic of the Communists. Should you ask them, "You inhuman monsters; do you mean to say you would murder in cold blood millions of people?" they would unhesitatingly reply, "What do you mean by murder? That is a Bourgeois term. Nature has been killing people by countless millions for centuries, killing them by hunger, war, disease, and old age; killing them to no purpose. We have a purpose, and a noble one, and should we hesitate to take the necessary steps because they are unpleasant to our Bourgeois prejudices? How unworthy we would be of the task history has entrusted to us." Cold, inexorable, scientific logic.

Recently I conversed with two very well known men, each of whom had been a member of the American Communist Party for many years. Of both I asked the same question. "What are the plans of the American Communist Party with regard to liquidation in this country?" Both replied in this vein: I often heard it discussed in Party circles. The argument went like this. This character disease is derived from the Capitalistic System. Capitalism in America is more developed than in any other country. Therefore its imprint in personality is deeper. The percentage to be liquidated here will be correspondingly higher. As a tentative figure shall we say about one-third of the American people will be marked for liquidation.

From the two similar answers recounted in the preceding paragraph, we learn that the Communists plan to put to death a mere fifty million people, more or less, based on the present population level in the United States. Who are these people to be? The prime factor to be considered is class of social origin. Mrs. Sikorsky gives an official list of classes designated in the rape of Lithuania and Poland in her book, The Dark Side of the Moon. Of special interest to church people is "Category 13," which includes persons active in parishes. clergymen, secretaries, and active members of religious communities. In Lithuania the lists for liquidation and deportation included about 700,000 out of a total population of 3,000.000, slightly less than the one-third proposed for America. But Lithuania had not advanced so far in a Capitalistic sense as has America.

Should the Communist menace conquer this country, it may comfort you to know that the hand that condemns you and your family to death is driven not by malicious vindictive hatred, but by scientific necessity.


Not all those diseased are immediately liquidated by bullet or bayonet. Others go by the slower pathway of overwork and starvation. Let us return to our animal husbandry analogy. The herd has been transferred to the new environment of Socialism. In this environment, a great deal of work cries out to be done, and there is a totally inadequate supply of clean stock for the purpose. It is therefore reasonable to select diseased animals in whom the disease is not overwhelmingly contagious, segregate them, and put them to work until they die. They are not allowed to breed and thus contaminate the future race, but they can be useful in segregation. This is done under arduous conditions of climatic extremes, overcrowding, malnutrition and frequent death. Nevertheless, much work useful to Socialism is thus accomplished. Canals and railways are built; salt, coal, gold, and uranium are mined; lumber is felled for export, and cities are built in the frozen Arctic wastes. In these conditions of labor the average time to die takes approximately three years, and much work is accomplished in that time.

This is what the labor camps are in practice but in theory they are something quite different. They are "personality hospitals" in which the disease due to Capitalism can be cured. The cause of the disease is the false labor relations of the Capitalistic Society wherein labor is associated with profit and reward. The cure consists in being established in new labor relations where labor is its own reward. Where it is divorced from the degradation of gain. We term these "slave labor camps," because in them people are forced to labor and receive nothing in return but the merest minimum of food to maintain existence. The Communists say our opinion is only a revelation of our Bourgeois ignorance. The Communists maintain that these slave labor camps are actually only 'personality hospitals" wherein people can be re-educated, healed of their grievous Capitalistic disease and become fit members of the new Socialistic Society. Were you to say to a Communist, "You beast! You mean you would send a twelve year old boy to serve ten years in a labor camp?" He would reply "If your son was sick would you send him to a hospital?" There is a consistency of logic and an ethical justification for every inhumanity and bestiality Communism commits. This insulates them from the appeals of reason decency and humanity. They even provide these "personality hospitals" free. What generous people they are ! As the reader retires tonight it would be a profitable theme of meditation to ponder which he would prefer-immediate liquidation, or re-education in a labor camp. The alternative may soon emerge from the realm of theory to intensely practical politics.


While the labor camps provide specialized hospitalization, the less fortunate sufferers are not being overlooked. Re-education is provided for them by a new attitude toward labor. Work is now taught to be the great creative force that built the universe and that it is its own reward. However, work nevertheless must bring with it remuneration appropriate to its measure. Every means of speed-up in industry is introduced; labor is exploited in every possible way. The slogan is: "From every man according to his ability; to every man according to his work." The unions become instruments of the dictatorship for the speed up of work and a means of discipline over the workers. Strikes are forbidden and any incitement to strike is a capital offense. Every factory has its own jails, late arrival to work is sabotage and absenteeism is treason. Under these ideal working conditions a new attitude toward labor develops; a new character emerges; the new Socialist man is on the way.


Along with this vast program of re-education the much simpler program of the education of the new-born Socialist children comes into being. These have the inestimable benefits of birth into a clean environment. There is no vicious profit motive to despoil them, no patriotism to degrade, and no religion to debauch. All they need is scientific indoctrination and an appropriate conditioning to fulfill all the needs of the most exacting Socialist master. The sin of bygone days becomes an unpleasant memory. The task of the dictatorship is approaching conclusion.


As the program of science proceeds and the perfection of personality comes to pass, the rigid state of the dictatorship, with its restrictions on human freedom, becomes unnecessary, and the state begins to wither away. Gradually, by imperceptible degrees, the golden age of Communism comes to pass, in which everyone works for the sheer love of working, everyone gives because it is the glory of his heart so to do. The hand of no man is raised in anger against his brother; the wolf lies down with the lamb; the small child plays on the cockatrice's den, the tuberculous organisms lose their virility; the cancer cells lose their malignity. Everyone takes from the common pool all they need, and men the whole world over brothers are. The slogan of this period is, "From every man according to his ability; to every man according to his need."

This is the dream, the vision that lures men to the Communist hook, the goal at the end of the rainbow. The Communists have achieved portions of it-the violent and destructive revolution, the mass extermination, and the vile labor camps. The rest remains in the realm of pure hypotheses where it is doomed to die with many past Marxian illusions. Every fact of Communist history contradicts the specious optimism that human nature will perfect itself under the dictatorship of the Proletariat. The evidence against this thesis provided by the Communists themselves is shattering. Take the deterioration that has taken place in the character of leading Communists under the Russian system. In 1917 the Central Committee consisted of 31 members and alternates. The leader, Lenin, attributed the entire success of the Revolution to the sterling characters. undying devotion and invincible selflessness of this group. Everyone of them had suffered much for the cause in prison and out of prison, in exile and out of exile. In torture and imminent danger of death they remained loyal, devoted, and invincible. It is noteworthy that these fine characters were formed under Capitalism. At long last the golden day of their dreams came to pass and Socialism covered one sixth of the surface of the earth. Freed from the vicious influence of the Capitalist System, what wonderful people they must have become! Let the Communists tell us what happened to them. Lenin and Sverdlov died before Stalin came to power. Alexandra Kollontai lived to die a natural death The remainder degenerated into such offal, such swine, such treacherous wild beasts, such hyenas using Communist terminology--that every one had to be put to death. When Lenin died in 1924 the Politbureau. the highest body of world Communism, had seven members-Zinoviev, Kamenev, Stalin, Bukharin, Trotsky, Rykov, and Tomsky. Stalin alone survived. All the others degenerated and had to be destroyed. The perfection of character is thus revealed as a delusion; the chain of events breaks down the golden future fades and we are left with the intolerable nightmare of the dreadful present the dictatorship, the extermination program, the labor camp, horror piled on horror, a veritable living hell. Farewell, perfection. The beast is here and here he remains.

Truly the Bible says, "The fool has said in his heart there is no God. They have altogether become corrupt, they have done abominable works; there is none that doeth good." From the tainted source of rebellion against God. the poisoned stream of massacre and slavery flows. At its very source, Communism is the epitome of evil. Unless we see this we have no clear vision of where to attack Communism. It must be rejected in its premises--its atheism, its materialism, and its economic determinism. Just as cancer is evil at its origin because of its rebellion against the authority of the body, and just as its later manifestations of agony, horror, and foul-smelling death spring from the laws of its being, so the later manifestations of Communism are but the scientific derivatives of its evil premises. How many avowed Christian leaders have failed to see this. Not long ago I asked the secretary of a certain council of churches at what point the majority of his members turned against Communism. He replied, "After they invaded Czechoslovakia." I said, "Is that the point at which atheism became wrong?"' Communism is scientific bestiality; it is hellish in origin and execution.


Always there arises the question, "What can I do? I would like very much to help in this great battle, but I seem so inadequate. The issues are beyond me. When the problem defies the masterminds of state, college, and church, what hope have I of making any significant contribution?'"There is something everyone can do and it consists in four things: knowledge, courage, faith, and consecration.


Whenever the medical profession endeavors to combat a serious disease, the first essential is a vast program of research into the nature of the disease, its causes the laws of its development, the conditions favorable to its spread, and wherein its weakness-its "heel of Achilles"-lies, so that it may be attacked and defeated. Understanding is the irreducible minimum of effective counter-action. Ignorant opposition is frequently valuable assistance to the Communist cause. The quality of ignorance and misunderstanding, at all levels of intellect and education, of the nature and mind of Communism is startling. I could amplify this article with illustration after illustration of the most pitiable ignorance revealed to me personally by high military officers, university professors and ministers of religion. Such statement s as the following we hear every day, and they reveal total incomprehension of the nature of Communism. The first statement is, "We must acknowledge the good in Communism and realize it is primarily a reaction to the evils of Capitalistic Society." The good in Communism is like the "good" in tuberculosis, unappreciated by the victim. Again we hear "It is possible to preserve peace with Communism " when the Communists' very thought processes define the existing state as class war. Or yet again we hear, "We must eliminate social abuses so that Communism may not flourish." Cancer was never cured by improving the general health. Knowledge is the first weapon in our arsenal of defense. The basic Communist texts are available and these should be studied so that we have an understanding of the Communist laws of thought and their blueprint of conquest. Knowledge is power.


What we discover when we investigate Communism is terrifying. The vastness of the danger oppresses us. We may react in one of two ways. The knowledge may be a "savor of death unto death or life unto life." We may become oppressed and throw in the towel, or we may gird ourselves for the battle, realizing how terrible it will be. Many individuals have to face situations of this nature. They visit their physician to be told they have the dread disease of cancer. They may react in one of two ways,--a defeat or a challenge. Some say! "All is finished, life is over," and in despair throw themselves under a train. Others say, "This is grim news, but I will do my best to overcome it, " and they make the decisions required courageously, rearrange their life routine, submit to the drastic surgery necessary, pay the heavy cost, and come through triumphantly. Courage transforms the dread knowledge into a challenge, a matchless sacrifice, a heroic endeavor and a glorious triumph.


The Communists say, "There is no God." We know, "In the beginning, God." God has not abdicated from the throne of the universe. He is an active agent in history and makes even the wrath of man praise Him. We have His promises. "When the enemy shall come in like a flood; then will the Spirit of the Lord lift up a standard against him." If we will pray, live righteously, and trust in Him, He will not fail in our hour of need: "If God be for us, who can be against us?"


Communism has been able to mobilize the loyalty, discipline, and willingness to sacrifice even unto death of countless millions. In the final analysis faith can only be matched by faith, devotion by devotion, and consecration by consecration. Are we who name the name of Christ prepared to make equal sacrifices, to serve with equal unselfishness, to manifest like loyalty and devotion as those who name the name of Lenin?

Rise up, O Men of God,
Have done with lesser things.
Give heart and mind and soul and strength
Unto the king of Kings.
Rise up, O Men of God!
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